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Business Housekeeping

Commercial Cleaning Bay Area

Do you own a business that needs a cleaning service? Are you looking for someone to help you clean your expensive rug that your idiot son-in-law ruined when he spilled champagne? Are you looking for a cleaning service that will help you clean your home so you can impress your mother-in-law? Welcome to Cleaning Bay Area. We make your cleanliness our priority.

Business Housekeeping is a step further from cleanliness. The Job description involves ensuring the orderliness and neatness of work areas. It also includes keeping trip and slip hazards away from floors and hallways and fire hazards away from work areas. This job requires apt attention to detail. This part of the cleaning business is not a one-time clean-up thing. It isn’t even like janitorial work. Instead, it is an ongoing operation. In a sense, it revolves more around maintain the cleanliness of the workplace rather than actually cleaning it. At Commercial Cleaning Bay Area, we offer these services to companies that want to eliminate the work hazards that could easily creep up in the workplace. We are able to offer the best Business Housekeeping services in the Bay Area because we have mastered all the elements of keeping a perfect Housekeeping Program.


This is the most important element of business housekeeping. It involves keeping everything in order; from the sanitary facilities to regular painting to fixing damaged doors, bad plumbing, and floor surfaces. The goal is to make the workplace look well taken care of. If it looks neglected, terrible accidents can happen.

Spill Control

Spill Control is another very important element of keeping a perfect Housekeeping program. Spills constitute a fall hazard in the workplace. The best way to get rid of spills is to stop them before they happen. Regular maintenance of machinery is one way to do this.

Waste Disposal

Another important element of Business housekeeping is waste disposal. Waste should not be allod to build up on the floor. They will not only make the workplace disorderlyt can also constitute a fire and fall hazard. Waste disposal also involves sorting out scrap collection to decide what can be recycled and what should be thrown away.


Proper storage of tools used is another important element of effective housekeeping. This will ensure that the stockpiling of tools does not interfere with work. Also, with proper storage, strain injuries in the workplace would be reduced.

Benefits of Employing A Business Housekeeping

At Commercial Cleaning Bay Area, we understand the importance of orderliness in the workplace. When you hire our Business Housekeeping services, we will do everything to make sure that there is the order in your workplace. When business housekeeping is done well, the benefits to the workplace are vast. For one, every member of the team is safer with reduced hazards. There is also better control of the movement of tools and other materials. More effective use of space reduced property damage and less janitorial work are just a few of the other benefits of properly doing engaging in Business House Keeping. Are you looking for a way to get the affairs of your workplace in order? Then Business Housekeeping your best bet. Scratch that, Commercial Cleaning Bay Area is your best bet.

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