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Kitchen Cleaning Services

Looking For Kitchen Cleaning Services Near Bay Area CA?

Commercial Cleaning Bay Area also offer Kitchen Cleaning Services to large restaurant chains, small diners, pubs, school, hotels, and other commercial food preparation areas. We also offer kitchen extract cleaning in schools, hospitals and nursing homes. The cleanliness of the kitchen should never be compromised. This is why restaurants and other commercial food preparation areas have standards to maintain. If they don’t maintain these standards, the results can be very devastating. At Commercial Cleaning Bay Area, we can help you meet these standards while you focus on other restaurant business.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

In commercial catering environments like restaurants, pubs and diners, a lot of cleaning standards have to be met and adhered to. Failure to meet these standards can lead to very heavy fines that will eat up your profits and the reputation of your business. Having your kitchen deep cleaned takes you a step closer to meeting these standards. Deep cleaning ensures that there is an increased overall hygiene, reduced fire hazards, improved machinery efficiency and extended equipment life. We offer Deep cleaning services for commercial kitchens at Commercial Cleaning Bay Area. Why don’t you hit us up today to learn more about it.

Increased Hygiene

Hygiene is a very important element in the business of catering to people. Poor hygiene can cause food poisoning and pose other health risks for your customers. This is why it should be placed at a very high priority. Restaurant management can be really stressful. Navigating through the several departments of serving, cooking and customer satisfaction can make you neglect important aspects like hygiene. This is where we come in. We can take up responsibility of keeping your kitchen clean at a very affordable cost. These services will be performed by well experienced cleaners who know very well how to make a kitchen clean.

Drain Blockage Prevention

Waste food, fat, grease, and water can quickly build up in kitchen sinks and cause the pipes to get blocked. This will make your kitchen begin to emit awful odors. If left unattended to, it can lead to expensive drainage blocks and overflowing sinks. It can also greatly increase the risk of contamination since all the grease sludge being collected can contain bacteria. At Commercial Cleaning Bay Area, we use biological dosing to break down the grease and prevent a buildup from occurring. Regular Dosing will offer protection against everything associated with drainage blockages.

Safety Standards

Meeting all the safety and cleanliness standards speculated by the appropriate authorities can do a lot to improve the reputation of your business. There are so many of these regulations and they keep getting updated and reviewed. Keeping up with them can be hard work for you as a restaurant owner and take time away from making you be able to handle other restaurant business.

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