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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

A clean office or place of business always makes the right first impression with customers. This is why organizations spend lots of money on aesthetics and maintenance. You think the well-manicured flowers are there because your CEO likes the Hibiscus flower? Think again. Making a good first impression always gives you an edge over the competition. We are a business ourselves and we know this. Also, a clean office/workspace clears the mind and makes it a lot easier for you to let your thoughts flow coherently. Thus, making the workplace more productive. At Commercial Cleaning Bay Area, we are in the business of helping your business make the right first impression. We have something for your business, no matter the shape or size. Call the best commercial cleaning services Today.

Janitorial Services

At Commercial Cleaning Bay Area, we offer janitorial services as part of our commercial cleaning services. We understand that each organization’s janitorial needs are different from the other. This is why we will not just throw a basic cleaning plan in your face. Instead, we will work with you to have your janitorial services tailor made to what suits your company.

Our team will serve you without complacency and a lot of follow through. Our janitorial services cover a wide range of service options; from daily carpet care to office system cleaning. Hit us up today to find out more.

Specialty Cleaning Services

Our Specialty cleaning service just takes everything a notch higher. We offers services that make every single detail of your organization clean. The services under this include extra stuff like Upholstery Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Window Washing, Carpet Cleaning among others. If you want excellence you can’t settle for the standard. Why don’t you hit us up today to find out more about this particular service?

Project-Based Commercial Cleaning

During this office events, it is not only safe but also practical that you have a cleaning crew on ground to tidy everything up for you when you are done. Sometimes, you may need a one-time service like rug cleaning or windows cleaning. Whichever it is, we are here to provide the best services for you at the most affordable rates.

Hard Floor Care

We also specialize in cleaning hard floors. It is very important that those office floors are kept as bright and shiny as possible. When it comes to cleaning hard wood, different surfaces require different cleaning methods and equipment. Don’t worry, our cleaners have it all mastered and they have access to all the equipment they need to make the hard wood floor in your office clean and shining. So why don’t you give us a call today to get a free quote? I am definitely sure that a trial will convince you to pursue a long term working relationship with us.

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